Creating a Meditation Space

Before I go into some ideas for setting up your meditation space I want to make one thing super clear — you do not need anything to meditate but you. You are 100% capable of meditating without having all the stuff. The practice of meditation does not require anything but you, your body, and your mind. Some of the places I have meditated include lying in bed, on my bathroom floor, on the balcony of a hotel room, to at the beach during the middle of the day. I enjoy meditating in my little corner when I can but it’s more important to me to return to this practice, however that may look, then to have the perfect meditation space. 

So then why set up a meditation space? Creating a small space in which to meditate is a great way to signal to your body and mind that you are entering a calming practice. It establishes a peaceful environment which can help you connect on a deep level. For me, it creates a ritual out of a practice. It has become part of my morning routine (most days) and I truly look forward to my time in my little meditation space.

I’ll share with you what I have in my little mediation corner as well as some other ideas for you. Remember, this practice is not about perfection but about consistency so pick what works for you and then leave the rest. If you like candles and incense go for it. If you want to use a pillow from your sofa instead of having a dedicated meditation pillow that’s totally fine too. You do not need anything – just you and your beautiful soul.


Find a space in your home that is calming for you, a space free of distractions. We live in a smaller home so having a dedicated permanent room/space isn’t really an option for me. After trying out a few spots, I have found a little corner full of natural light to be a great spot to meditate in the morning. If you prefer to meditate during the day or at night, think about the lighting that would be soothing and restorative for you.


You want to feel comfortable. So if sitting on the floor isn’t working for youIf simply sit on a chair or a couch. I will typically sit on a meditation cushion (on top of my yoga mat) on the floor. Sometimes I will sit directly on the floor (no cushion), especially if I am outside and connecting to the earth beneath me.


This one is 100% personal preference. You might like to add greenery (I sit by a faux olive tree, hello brown thumb, and I love the rootedness that it brings to me). If you are into statues, artwork, live plants, crystals by all means bring that into your space. I would suggest keeping your space calm and not cluttered but if it helps you feel grounded then go for it.


I know many people like to burn candles, natural oils, incense or palo santo during their meditation. When we awake our senses we connect better to our body. I typically meditate in the morning, and in trying to not wake up my babies, I won’t burn any fragrances. Sometimes I will start brewing my coffee or tea before sitting down and that aroma is pretty pleasant for me in the morning. 

Once you have established your space make sure that you honor it. This is your calming space. Use this space to connect to your true self.

Here are some of our curated items to include in your meditation space.

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