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WELCOME TO sunlit wellness

We’re so grateful that you are here. This is a place where we will be sharing content around meditation, journaling, health, mindfulness, personal growth and so much more! We hope to inspire you and learn from you, so we can journey together to make every day a radiant day.

We provide simple mindfulness shifts

to help you shine everyday.


We believe that finding moments of stillness throughout your day is crucial to living a peaceful life. We hope to inspire you to find small moments of stillness which will led to big changes.


You are enough just as you are. Our simple wellness shifts are quick and easy ways to elevate your life so you can show up each day as the most radiant you!


We believe that through mindful living practices you can bring more happiness, joy, and meaning into your days. Your are worthy of living your best life!

meet jaclyn & danielle

owners // sisters

We are two sisters on a mission to help you live a whole and wonderful life.

We’re lovers of all things beach, mindfulness, personal development, present living, and of course sunshine. We believe it’s the small moments that collectively make up the story of your life. We hope that here you will find inspiration to create and live your life with intention and gratitude.

you are radiant. shine on love.

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